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Join to Win iPhone 14 Pro! (Event ended)

For celebrating our Alpha Season 1 Event, we have prepare a total prize of 10,000 $USD, which is equivalent to 135,135 $LOOT Tokens and up to 5 slots of iPhone 14 Pro. The exchange rate calculation took place on 6/23 at 6pm (UTC+8).

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Event Period (UTC+0):

6/26, 2AM - 7/26, 2AM

Total Prize Pool:

10,000 $USD worth of $LOOT

Bonus Prize Pool:

Up to 5 iPhone 14 Pro

The Best Gamer’s Token & Game Gear

Alpha Season 1 Prize Pool

10,000 $USD worth of $LOOT

Up to 5 iPhone 14 Pro

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Please read carefully


We are delighted that you are willing to participate in this lottery event (hereinafter referred to as "the Event"). Before participating in the Event, please carefully read these lottery participation rules (hereinafter referred to as "the Rules"). If you disagree with the Rules after reading, please do not provide any information or participate in the Event. However, if you have already provided information and participated in the Event, it is regarded as your agreement to the Rules and its restrictions, and as consent to provide relevant personal basic information for use in the Event and the prize collection process.

The winner of the Event must cooperate with the award collection procedure arranged by the organizing unit, and must cooperate with the company's promotional photography or interview matters, and agrees to the company's free, global, irrevocable use for, but not limited to, marketing and event records of the Event. The methods of use include, but are not limited to, public broadcasting, public transmission, distribution, editing, etc.

The prize of the Event is an iPhone 14 pro model with 128 GB, color, etc., but the final model provided by the company will be the determining factor, and the winner cannot request a change of other models, capacity, color or other types of gifts, nor can it be converted or exchanged for cash. You acknowledge and agree that the company reserves the unilateral right to replace equivalent gifts, and does not separately announce or notify, including but not limited to the equivalent of 999 units of the virtual currency USDT.

The company will notify the winner to receive the prize by email. The methods of receiving the prize include, but are not limited to, picking up at a designated place, physical delivery, voucher delivery, equivalent USDT airdrop, and the final method shall be determined by the actual notification from our company. The winner may not choose the method of receiving the prize. If the winner is unable to complete the award collection procedure due to incomplete information (personal information, email or crypto wallet address, etc.), unwillingness to follow the method of receiving the prize, overdue exchange, or inability to contact due to personal changes, or other matters that cannot be attributed to the company, the winner will not be able to obtain the eligibility for the prize, and the winner may not object. The company may choose to supplement or not supplement the quota of the prize.

The product defects and related warranty responsibilities of the Event prize are all borne by the manufacturer of the product for maintenance and warranty.

The company reserves the unilateral right to modify, change, or cancel the Event, and other matters not covered will be announced on the website.

If the Event is required to withhold according to the tax laws of the Republic of China or other applicable tax laws of the winner's nationality, the winner should fulfill the tax burden and provide proof before receiving the prize. (Note: Taking the tax law of the Republic of China as an example, when the value of the gift exceeds 1,001 New Taiwan dollars (inclusive), the giver must issue a withholding certificate; if the value of the gift exceeds 20,010 New Taiwan dollars (inclusive), the winner should pay 10% tax on the value of the gift; Individuals not residing in the Republic of China (i.e., those who have not lived within the Republic of China for 183 days, as well as foreigners), regardless of the prize amount, must bear a 20% tax on the value of the prize, and the tax will be collected by the giver who also issues a withholding certificate.)


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